TRICS = Trigger Coach System

It is a product consisting of a hardware component and a software component for the PC or laptop.

With this device, it is possible for the shooter to measure, display and store the pressure profile on his sporting weapon. This allows the shooter to visualize and optimize his deduction behavior.

A pressure sensor is applied to the trigger of the sports weapon, which is connected to the device via a thin cable (sensor cable). A connection to the PC or laptop is made via a USB connection. The software determines the measured values ​​and displays them in the form of a curve. The training data is automatically stored and can be reproduced at any time.


Technical spesifications:

Size of the device 8 cm x 6 cm x 2 cm

Weight  88 gramm

USB-cable  80 cm

sensor cable 250 cm

operation system Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1)

Patent number 10 2015 100 633.2




      - bug fix sensor test

      - new function "reset" sensor test


      - Possibility to select Sportpistol precision

      - Timeline is displayed

      - Audio function

      - Language Englisch


      - bug fix zoom

      - Possibility to show all shots / series in evaluation


      - new design

      - commetns in measurement and shown in evaluation

      - athlete database (settings for each athlete save/change/load)

      - help line could be draw in measurement and evaluation

      - hotkeys shown in inforamationscreen

      - only "one" file


DFS = Dry Firing System

It is a system to realize dry training.
The visual stimulus is simulated as in an electronic target system (red / green light).
So the shooter has the possibility to make dry training at home or in preparation for competitions and train visually very close to an electronic target system.

The predefined programs can be started with the button on the control unit or the external push-button.
The following programs are available:

1. Rapid Fire Pistol 8 seconds
2. Rapid Fire Pistol 6 seconds
3. Rapid Fire Pistol 4 seconds
4. Sportpistol Rapid Fire as loop
5. Training 1 minute green light / 15 seconds red light as loop
6. Standardpistol 20 seconds
7. Standardpistol 10 seconds

As an indication of the light signals there is either the 5 target with the display of rapid fire pistol or a single target on one side  the rapid fire target and on the other side the precision target is shown.


Control unit:

Size of the device: 8 cm x 6 cm x 2 cm
Weight ca. 80 gramm
USB-cable ca. 80 cm
Button at the housing of the device


5 rapid fire target:

Size of the target: 24,7cm x 7,9cm x 0,9cm
Connection cable with plug ca. 2m

The distance between target and shooter is 140-150cm


Single target with rapid fire target on one side and on the other side precision target.

Size of the target: 7,3cm x 7,9cm x 0,9cm
Connection cable with plug ca. 2m

The distance between target and shooter is 140-150cm

External push-button:

Size : 9cm x 20mm diamter
Connection cable with plug ca. 2m

Power is supplied via the USB port.
It is possible to use a power bank or a power plug.
(Not included)


Sensor big


Sensor small

18,3mm diameter

                                            -  incl. cable and plug

7,6mm diameter

Plastiline 40x36x10mm / 22 gramm / different colours



Price list
TRICS with USB incl. 1 sensor small, 1 plastiline and software 399 €
1 sensor big incl. cable and plug 22 €
1 sensor small incl. cable and plug 18 €
Plastiline 3 €
DFS package: control unit + 5 targets + singletarget + external button 140 €
DFS control unit 70 €
DFS 5 targets 35 €
DFS single target 30 €
external button 20 €
shipping and packaging national (internationally on request) 6,50 €